Reversible poetry campaign for Refuge aims to turn attitudes to domestic violence on their head

Published on December 4, 2018

The latest ad campaign from our award-winning team in Bristol is for Refuge to raise awareness of domestic violence with the call to action ‘If your partner turns on you, turn to us’.

Inspired by reversible poetry, each of the ads we have produced for Refuge reads as a story of a perfect family Christmas one way, but reveals the full horror of domestic abuse the other.

In 2018, one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and two women a week are killed at the hands of a partner in England and Wales. On average another three women a week commit suicide as a way to escape abuse.

By launching now, Refuge hopes to highlight the harrowing statistics behind domestic violence. And as the advert runs across Woman’s Own, Marie Claire and Bella, we hope that the campaign goes some way to raising awareness for this important cause.

Everyone involved in the campaign has donated their services to Refuge free of charge.

Refuge’s reversible Christmas poems reveal shocking reality of domestic violence

The Drum:
Refuge uses reversible poetry to highlight life or death domestic abuse issue