McCann MK. The story so far.

Published on July 23, 2019

In 2018, a new agency opened its doors in Milton Keynes. 32 people with one creative mission: to deliver Truth Well Told. It’s been the McCann mantra for over 100 years – and a brand new team were about to make it their own.

With Vauxhall as their founding client, they had some amazing truths to tell. TV ads set in the showroom demonstrated classic British wit and understatement. One spot followed two women’s journey to the hospital in their new Grandland X, again showing Vauxhall’s point of view on the world: when everyone else panics, keep calm and carry on. The ads all had one thing in common. They were based on a common identity, a common understanding. They spoke to a Britain that Vauxhall knows like nobody else.

Other equally famous brands followed. Like the aspirational Sunseeker, maker of superyachts for the ultra-wealthy – calling for clean, beautiful, design-based pieces, part marketing and part art. Not to mention the performance-driven Lotus: another great British sleeping giant, launching their very first all-electric hypercar to world-wide acclaim. Then came Road Angel, C2C, Bacardi, Tefal, Travel Republic… The list goes on and on.

As new clients came aboard, so did new team members. Before long, over 100 people had joined. Confidence grew and grew, culminating in a remarkable feat: a first ever Cannes Lion for Vauxhall’s ‘Backwards Stories’ radio campaign.

Already, McCann Milton Keynes is on the map. What does the future have in store? We can’t wait to find out.