50% of people in the UK think we're looking out for each other more*

Published on June 1, 2020

While we may be physically distanced from friends, family, neighbours and strangers, data shows that it does not mean we are also social distancing. Social apps are giving people new ways to participate in their communities: from volunteering for the NHS, to caring for vulnerable neighbours, or holding digital or streamed events. Indeed, we’ve seen an increase in video calls (47%) and social media messages (61%) as we see people doing whatever it takes to preserve human connection. In fact, 58% of young consumers think that their relationships could become even stronger during quarantine, thanks to these tools (YPulse).

And yet, the foundation on which we’ve all built our physical and emotional wellness is at risk. We’re worried about toilet paper and the economy and availability of flour and our finances. At times, our entire personal ecosystem—our identities and our relationships and our rituals feel threatened.

So, no, we’re not advocating saving the world with advertising. That would be an overreach. But the very mission of McCann Worldgroup – helping brands play a Meaningful Role in people’s lives, and sometimes even playing that role ourselves – is still an essential part of what the world needs today.

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