17% of people take up something new during lockdown*

Published on June 7, 2020

Across every aspect of our modern lives, this crisis has forced us to reconsider our social structures and value systems. One of the more immediate shifts in culture has had to do with who we designate as idols and the ensuing outpouring of support for frontline workers (see our work on this here).

It may seem obvious to you now, but this shift to a newfound appreciation for delivery drivers, cleaners, supermarket workers, nurses, doctors and teachers, is really something Britain hasn’t seen for some time. In fact, over half of people globally agree that healthcare workers are today’s true heroes (rising to 67% in France and 65% in the UK).​

​It’s important to notice these things. And we’re witnessing a strong spirit of optimism and positivity towards what the future will hold. 41% of people globally say they’re grateful for the good in their lives right now, suggesting that in this period of self-reflection, our attitudes and priorities in life have been reconsidered. This is evidenced in 17% of Brits saying they’ve tried new things in lockdown. And 1 in 6 people globally say they’ve even discovered a better version of themselves during the pandemic, a testament to our human resilience and adaptability in times of crisis. So even though we may never be the same again, there is clearly a large contingent who see that as an opportunity for the world to change for the better. And in our opinion, this is where we can play a part.​

​Brands have always been viewed as powerful agents of change. In our industry-leading Truth About Global Brands 2 study from 2018, we found that 81% of people agree global brands have the power to make the world better. And now more than ever, this ability to drive positive change is sorely needed. While demand for products and services wanes in the face of economic fears, there’s a universal desire for a path forward that addresses societal problems while also alleviating our personal stresses. And we would ask, does your brand match up to these requirements?​

​If you’d like to know how a new agency could help you leverage your brand in today’s challenging and complex context, speak to Marc marc.brown@mccann.com about what we can do for you.​

*This data is taken from Truth About Coronavirus, an ongoing study of more than 14,000 people worldwide undertaken by our global intelligence unit Truth Central.