1 in 8 choose books or streaming over food or medical supplies in lockdown.

Published on June 22, 2020

Are your priorities right? Try an agency with this kind of world-leading insight.

In the early days of quarantine, many people shared the view that they would have the time to finally do that belated home improvement project, write the next great screenplay, or master a new hobby. People everywhere sought to transform their lockdowns ‘purposefully’ – assigning meaning to a situation beyond their control. As quarantine has worn on, this has been true for some, but many have been overwhelmed with a state of boredom, ennui, and defeat. No wonder then, that 1 in 8 Brits would choose entertainment as their most important resource in lockdown.

In today’sworld, boredom is a privilege. It’s reflective of the fact that many people still have not been touched directly by this disease — they're not sick, nor are they grieving a loved one. They are fortunate to be in the comfort of their homes, not risking their lives on the frontlines, and fortunate too not to have to worry about making ends meet (though this may change as the government’s furlough scheme begins to withdraw).

In truth, what many are currently feeling as boredom may be a manifestation of a general lack of purpose and direction in their lives. For some, football fandom and tribalism is their identity, and they used to be able to express that on a weekly basis either at the games or watching matches down the pub; even today, with football being on TV but without any fans, the idea that people identify themselves with their team is somewhat muted. For young people, education (and all that comes with it, such as achievements, community, and milestones) is central to a sense of identity and purpose.

So, with this in mind, have you considered how your brand can provide the sense of identity and purpose that people are craving, and will continue to crave in the economic downturn? Marc can help if not. Drop him a line at marc.brown@mccann.com to make sure your brand emerges from the lockdown on top.